House of Kalart caters to the quintessential free-spirited being, who believes that jewellery is an expression for their individuality. For them, everyday is an occasion to dress up and experience the meaning of life. 

We believe that each person is unique and has a unique story to tell. At HoK, we bring out the true spirit of each story and showcase it through our products and services. 

We bring you a personalised styling experience to enhance your individual sense of style. Our team of experienced individuals are also available to assist you with styling for photo shoots, advertisement film shoots, or any other occasion for which you require a professional touch. 

We believe that everyone should have the ability to express themselves creatively, and we would like to help you do just that!


    The Mother
    Partner and the Account Head 


    The Daughter
    Founder and the Creative Head

Together, we are “House of KALART” - the power house.

Meet Arathi

Founder & Designer, House of Kalart

I am a graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and also certified in Jewellery making and Gemmology from SINGEM.

I started House of Kalart along with my mother and business partner Mrs. Kalavathi Rajagopalan, who is a gold medalist in economics.

We are a venture that creates art jewellery, where abstract representations of different art forms are married with metalsmithing. Our goal is to create well-crafted jewellery that can be worn by anyone, anywhere.

We have been creating beautiful pieces that are both functional and artistic since 2017. Together we are dedicated to bringing you a holistic experience in fashion, home decor, and styling!

Arathi Rajagopalan

Founder & Designer, House of Kalart.


Lightbulb Moment

While conversing with my former superior at Lifestyle, he mentioned that he wished to start his own business ; but familial duties and responsibilities refrained him from setting up his own venture.

This conversation was a moment of realisation for me. I did not want to get to my thirties and feel the same way. I was motivated to try doing something of my own at least once. I spoke to my parents the very next day and because of their support, I quit my job.

All I knew when I quit my job was that I wanted to do something unique, combining various forms of arts and crafts with jewellery, because jewellery interests me more than apparel.

It took me about eight years after I quit my job to set up House of Kalart. I worked with a few local artisans to create quirky and unique lifestyle products.

I started selling my products to friends and family, and showcased at various exhibitions under the brand name “Papillon”. However, the designer in me did not feel satisfied. My mind kept questioning : How can I bring arts and crafts and metal together to create premium pieces of artistic jewellery. Thus, I joined a goldsmithing course which helped me understand the manufacturing process and thus better enabled me to design and explain my designs to artisans.

How we came up with
our brand name and the ideal logo for us

When we were looking for a name for the label, we had one vision in mind. We wanted our brand to be a representation of us, something that showed who we are and what we stand for.

When we were looking for a name for the label, we had one vision in mind. We wanted our brand to be a representation of us, something that showed who we are and what we stand for.

Thus, we coined our names together - Kalavathi and Arathi, and came up with Kalart. We believe that each person should be confident with their individuality and thus, “ be boldly you” became our tagline without hesitation.

The tagline aligns with our logo, as we wanted the logo to represent everything the brand stands for, global aesthetics and amalgamation of varied forms of art and colours. The concept for the logo was developed by a close relative. It was her idea to integrate Tamil and Hindi ‘ka’ with ‘K’ in English.


For us, it is the story behind each piece.

1. The metal base is handcrafted by craftsmen who have been trained for generations, our collections are diverse and take inspiration from art, geometry, art deco, everyday objects and more. 

2. Colours and textures not only inspire us, but it also instigates a play of design in our minds and to physically touch, hold and add character to something that was just an idea brings us immense joy. 

3. We take pride in personally hand painting or embellishing each piece.

What our customers
Have to say about us

‘’ Jewellery has the power of making me feel beautiful. If I could wear a perfect painting, I would. I cannot, so instead I will wear an earring that evokes the same beauty. The earrings were absolutely stunning. Thank you so very much. I love them.’’

Dawn Smith - USA

When I was tasked with creating a customer survey for IIM's NSRCEL, I reached out to some of my early customers who had shopped at HoK in the past. One of them was Dawn, who had found the brand on Facebook and had bought some jewellery from me for her daughter.

She was so kind to talk with me about what it means to be a HoK customer. She told me about this photo she loves and has often wished she could wear--it holds a dear memory for her.

When I explained what we were trying to do with art, she got excited and told me that she had this photo in mind as well! The rest is history: I was able to implement a digital print of this photo on statement earrings for her. The joy in her voice when she saw them made all the hard work worth it!

This is one customer story that has stood out the most amongst many.