Vyapaar Jagat

Vyapaar Jagat

Journey of Arathi Rajagopalan and House of Kalart

Vishal Parmar -June 7, 2021

Every person has a unique story to tell. At House of Kalart, She brings out the spirit of each story and showcases it through our products and services.

HoK Jewellery is for the quintessential free-spirited woman who has a zest for life and believes that jewellery is an expression of her individuality.

House of Kalart is a premium fusion label that exhibits global aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship.

“As a child, She had always been fascinated by arts and crafts. Her inspiration was her aunt who taught her different forms of crafts such as glass painting, origami, hot wax painting during her summer vacations.

She would constantly draw designs on her school books, and She developed an interest in jewellery during her study of fashion designing. This led her to combine two of her passions, art and jewellery, which became a stepping stone to her career.

Colours and textures not only inspire her, but it also instigates a play of design in her head and to physically touch, hold and add character to something that was just an idea brings Arathi immense joy. She takes pride in personally hand painting or embellishing each piece.

With an experience of more than a decade of working in fashion shoots and movies, Style Consultation came as an offshoot of her continuous interest in fashion.

She started House of Kalart as a venture where painting, drawing and embroidery are married with metalsmithing to create well-handcrafted fashion jewellery. Along with Painting and Styling, the venture aims to create a holistic fashion experience for a bold and dramatic woman! ”


Her larger business goals are to create and maintain a profitable business format, achieve operational excellence, and work with grass-root level artisans to revive dying art forms. A few years from now she would like to see someone wearing HoK jewellery wherever she turns.

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House of Kalart – #beboldlyyou




Arathi Rajagopalan



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February 2018

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VR creative studio

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