Types of Jewellery

Types of Jewellery

Jewellery is the cherry on the cake of any outfit. It not only makes you feel beautiful, but also lets you express your individuality. 

The world of jewellery is really huge and can make you feel overwhelmed. Understanding the types of jewellery will help you make an informed decision while buying in future.

Today we will break down jewellery types into 6 genres-  

  • Fine Jewellery
  • Bridge Jewellery
  • Fashion Jewellery
  • Costume Jewellery
  • Art Jewellery 
  • Reconstructed Jewellery

Fine Jewellery-  

Fine jewellery is expensive and differentiated from the other genres by its material. Jewelleries made of gold, platinum, diamonds, precious stones like sapphire, ruby etc., can be categorised as fine jewellery. Attention to detail and quality are hallmarks of fine jewelry, which also includes fine bespoke pieces.

Bridge Jewellery-  

Bridge jewellery as the name suggests, is a bridge between fine and fashion jewelleries. This can also be called as demi or semi fine jewellery. Sterling silver, gold vermiel, gold filled, semi precious stones, pearls etc., can be categorised under bridge jewellery. Some of the bridge jewellery can look more expensive than they cost depending on the materials used. 

Fashion Jewellery-  

Fashion jewellery changes with season and trend. They are made of glass, faux crystals, cubic zirconium and gold plated or rhodium plated metal alloys like brass. 

Costume jewellery-

Costume jewellery, most of the time gets intertwined with fashion jewellery. However the materials used in costume jewellery are wider, anything from textile to paper, plastic or wooden beads can be used to make a costume jewellery and the base metals are also very inexpensive. 

Art Jewellery-

Art jewellery as the name suggests emphasizes creative expression and design. It offers uniqueness and personality and literally can be called wearable art. Art jewellery gives the scope to experiment with designs, techniques and materials. 3D printed jewellery can come under art jewellery. The jewelleries we make at House of Kalart also comes under this genre as we experiment with hand painting, embroidery and mix of materials on metal jewellery. 

Reconstructed Jewellery-

Reconstructed jewellery can be a steampunk inspired, or an upcycled watch part or vintage jewellery. This genre provides the option to play around with materials and can add a fun element to your costume or outfit. 


Jewelry has been an important part of how we express ourselves, so when it comes to selecting your next style, use your newly gained knowledge and see which is truly the best fit for you, or the one you are gifting it to. 

Tell us in the comments below which type of jewellery is your style. 

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