Essential Workwear Jewellery

Essential Workwear Jewellery

Like Giorgio Armani once said "Accessories are important & becoming more & more important everyday".

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A workwear is never complete until you accessorize it. Adding a dash of character to your 9-5 routine can be a challenge. You ask why?....well accessorizing your office clothes with appropriate jewellery will not only stylise your look but also add a feminine touch, it can take you from 'Nice' to 'WOW'....Whatever be your style!

Here are some that will help you accessorise....

Studs/Hoop rings - 

A Diamond or Zircon stud looks great anytime, anywhere. They are perfect with any style sophisticated, dress or trousers, skirts, sarees, kurtas.
The second best are gold hoops that come in various design, size and price.

Chain Bracelet - 

Elegant and refined these delicate bracelets can add much charm in your business meetings.

Layering chain - 

A simple chain necklace can add so much sophistication and polish to any work dress. 

Finger ring -

A delicate diamond or pearl ring is that piece of jewellery which will complete your office wardrobe.

Pearls - 

Pearls are always in style. Any corporate attire with a dose of pearl looks elegant, professional and feminine.

Keep your corporate attire always classy and elegant. You will feel more confident and give that extra push at work too & of course make a great impression.

"You will never get a second chance to make a lasting first impression" - Will Rogers


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