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Types of Jewellery

Jewellery is the cherry on the cake of any outfit. It not only makes you feel beautiful, but also lets you express your individuality.  The world of jewellery is really huge and can make you feel overwhelmed. Understanding the types of jewellery will help you make an informed decision while buying in future. Today we will break down jewellery types into 6 genres-   Fine Jewellery Bridge Jewellery Fashion Jewellery Costume Jewellery Art Jewellery  Reconstructed Jewellery Fine Jewellery-   Fine jewellery is expensive and differentiated from the other genres by its material. Jewelleries made of gold, platinum, diamonds, precious stones like sapphire,...

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10 Jewellery must haves

Within 3 seconds of taking you in, people judge you, so why not make a good first impression with a look that is well put together and leaves a lasting impression ?Just as every woman needs fashion staples like a black shoe, cocktail dress, jeans or a chic business suit, she needs a few jewellery basics to accessorize her outfit.Here are 10 Jewellery Must Haves no well dressed woman should be without! Ear Studs - A pair of simple studs will help tie your everyday look together and help make even the most casual of ensembles look a little more polished.  Every girl needs some sparkle and a pair of diamond...

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Essential Workwear Jewellery

A workwear is never complete until you accessorize it. Adding a dash of character to your 9-5 routine can be a challenge. You ask why?.

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